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Girls Degeneration [Chapter 1, Part 5]

A/N: Mianhae guys for not updating. And inez dongsaeng,mian.this is your part. Hope you guys like it. Hehehe XD

Chapter 1, Part 5

Hyo Hoon's POV

Tell me~ Tell me~ Tetetetell me~ I hummed the Wonder Girl's song as I was having a good time doing my Leeteuk oppa's hair for his Sukira show tonight in his room. I'm one of his dongsaeng and also his personal stylist in which I just work as a part-time. I would like to be a stylish but I'm more interested into other career,and I'm taking a public policy course at university.

I'm done oppa." I said as I did the last touch.
"Woah! Gomawo dongsaeng," Leeteuk oppa replied and kissed me on my forehead. "You are so talented."
"Ah~ You don't have to do that oppa." I said shyly.

"So how was your 1st day at university today?" he asked changing the topic while checking up his image at the mirror in front of him.
"Hmm~I haven't met my prince charming yet," I laughed. "But in conclusion my day was not that bad either.I met my old best mate,Eunhae, and also some new friends."
"Eunhae?! That name sounds familiar to me. Isn't she that Horsie's dongsaeng?" Leeteuk asked.

"Oppa!! Why did you called that person like that? So disrespecful, and who the heck is this 'Horsie' guy by the way?" I asked in curiousity.
"He?! Ah~ Horsie is one of Oppa's mate in SuJu, Choi Siwon is his name." he laughed.
"WTH?! But why??!" I asked not satisfied with his replies and laughed at the same time.
"Hahaha.. I'm not sure about that,the other gave him that nick name. Funny and weird,right?" Leeteuk Oppa explained. "And he's kinda playboy type of guy,so be careful with him dongsaeng."

My oppa laughed hard after he warned me. Playboy?! Omo! Omo! I MUST stay away from Horsie then, I thought nervously.

While I was packing up my makeup tools,Leeteuk oppa broke the silence.

"Hmm~ Hyo Hoon dongsaeng, are you free tomorrow?" he asked.
"Tomorrow? What time? I think I'll be free the whole afternoon,because my class will all be in the morning." I replied.
"Good then,because I need you to help me with my hair and all. I'll see you at uni during lunch time then."
"Okay,sure. But where will we be going?" I asked excitedly.
"Err.. I'm not that sure either. I haven't get the schedule." he laughed.

"Aigoo~ Okay then." I agreed. Woah! I'm going to meet Super Junior members tomorrow. Isn't it cool or what? I just hope that I can find handsome guy. Yuppy! I thought excitedly.

"Hyo Hoon onni,you have a call from Eunhae." Seori shouted from our room next door. Seori and I are both close and we even shared a room.
"Okay.. Hang on dongsaeng," I shouted back to her. "Oppa ,I have to go now. See you later." I informed my oppa and went off to mine and Seori's room.

Ah~ I forgot to bring my makeup bag, I thought. Gonna take that later then.

-End of Hyo Hoon's POV-

What do you guys think? Mianhae if its sucx. I had no inspiration lately. Hohoho..

Girls Degeneration [Chapter 1, Part 4]

Chapter 1, Part 4

Hana's POV

"Oppa can you pass me that milk?" I said and pointed the milk to my Heechul oppa.
"I'm busy dongsaeng. Can't you see?" he replied.
"You called that busy?" I murmured.
"What did you just said?"
"Hmm~nothing~ Yah! Oppa! Stop looking yourself at the mirror! It is so annoying." I replied and looked at him disgustingly. Argh! Why do I have a brother like him? He's way too annoying, I thought.

Heechul grinned, "It's not! I know you are just jealous that I have the pretty face for a guy. Don't you?"
"Me? Jealous?? Yah! Get real oppa!" I yelled.
"You two,stop with the argument. Finish your food and get going,or else the two of you will be late." my mom interrupted.

After we ate our breakfast,the two of us went straight to Heechul's car,which he bought early this year with his earnings working under the SM Ent., and drove to the University of LSM.

"Oppa, I envy you," I started the conversation. "You are so lucky to be working under SM. How I wish I have the talent like you guys."
"Of course you should be proud of me. Because your oppa has the pretty face. Argh! Talking bout pretty, I hate that Sungmin guy. Huh!" he said while driving.

Not again, I thought. But I won't argue with him this time as I had remembered something.

"Jealousy." I laughed.
"Yah! Stop that."
"Oppa,when will you be going back stay at the Suju dorm?" I asked changing our topic.
"Hmm~probably next week," he replied. "Why?"
"You promised to bring me to meet DBSK before,when will you fulfil it oppa? I really want to meet my Yoochun." I said excitedly.
"Okay then, I will bring you to SM tomorrow," he answered. "The other members will also bring their dongsaengs along. You can meet and know them well except for Hankyung's sister though as you've known her" he laughed.
"Jeongmal? Yehha! I can't wait for tomorrow. My chunnie." I said exictedly and hugged my oppa who's still driving.

After 40 minutes of our journey from home,at last we arrived at the uni and Heechul oppa parked his car at the reserved parking lot for Suju members.

"Hana, I won't be able to send you home later. I have a practise this afternoon." said Heechul oppa after we came out of the car. "Tell mom I will be back before dinner."
"Okay, don't worry. I will follow Ha-neul later," I said "And send my regards to all of your chingu oppa."

Then I left him and walked to my 1st class. Ahh~ I'm in my 2nd year now and I'm my junior's senior. Junior?? Cool~~ I can bully them 1 day. Maybe I should find a victim by now. I thought and laughed.
Junior~ Here I come~

-End of Hana's POV-

Girls Degeneration [Chapter 1, Part 3]

Chapter 1, Part 3

Ha-neul's POV

"Ha-neul! Ha-neul! Wake up!" my mom yelled as she knocked on my bedroom door. "Wake up young lady, or else you will be late for your new semester term." she continued.
"Argh! All right! All right! I'll be down in a few moment," I yawned and still half asleep.
"Make sure you do," she said and went down to continue her work in the kitchen.

Its still early and I will continue my sleep for a few minutes then, I thought without even bother to look at my alarm clock beside my bed. A few minutes later my mobile phone rang. I answered it and there he was my lovely oppa who yelled at the other line.

"Dongsaeng?! Where are you now? Aren't you suppose to be at the uni(university) at this hour? Your friend,Hana,told me that you were not in the class just now." Hankyung oppa said.
"What?! What time is it now?" I asked him in shocked state.
"Oh God! You don't even bother to look at your clock beside you even just for a minute?" he asked. "Aigoo~ Its 10am now,better hurry up and get here soon. You still have time though. Palli! Palli!" my brother ordered.
"What?! Okay,okay! See you later oppa" I said and hurriedly hung up.

I went straight to the bathroom and get ready within 30 minutes. I drove my car and parked far away from the campus due to no parking available near the place. I better hurry up,I still have 10 minutes for the next class. As I entered the uni, I went straight to my locker to put my stuff in.

"Hana! Wait up!" I called her name from where I was standing as I saw her coming out from the toilet.
"Annyeong Ha-neul," Hana greeted. "Where were you just now? The lecturer was searching all over for you." she continued.
"Mianhae, I overslept. Argh! A very bad start for a new semester." I complained. Hana and I are studying in our 2nd year in the University of LSM this year.

"By the way,did you meet my oppa this morning?" I asked.
"Nope, I didn't," she replied. "Why?"
"But how come my oppa knew everything then?" I asked her in curiousity.
"Owh~That~ My crazy Heechul oppa did asked about you just now. Maybe your Hankyung oppa worried that you might escape your first day." she teased and laughed at me.
"Hahaha,its not funny," I said. "But what's with your 'crazy' oppa? Why did you call him that?"
"Hmm~nothing. Just for fun." she laughed.

Just for fun? She's weird, I thought. Calling her own oppa crazy. I smiled by myself thinking bout it. Talking about oppa, I haven't seen mine for almost a week now after he decided and went to stay with the other members at Suju's dorm. How I wish I can stay in the dorm with my friends, I thought.

After I put my things in the locker,Hana and I took our way to our next class. 2nd year of uni starts from now, I said as I was trying to motivate myself to work more harder.

-End of Ha-neul's POV-

Girls Degeneration [Chapter 1, Part 1/2]

Chapter 1, Part 1

Soo Rim's POV

"Soo Rim! Soo Rim-ah! Over here!" Ha Byung or better known as Yennchan waved at me and pointed to where she was standing. She was queuing to buy her lunch at the cafeteria. There you are, I thought. "Come and join me babe," she invited.

"Sure,why..." I replied but I couldn't finish my sentences because I accidently bumped into someone. I bowed to say my apology and looked up. There he was standing in front of me, my lovely good looking and handsome brother which most female fans would like him to be their boyfriend, Yunho. Oh God! Why should I bumped into him at this hour? I asked myself.

"Dongsaeng! At last! I've been looking for you everywhere. Thanks to Kyuhyun. He saw you entering this place," said Yunho.
"Kyu oppa? Where is he?" I asked.
"Molla,he's with Hankyung just now. Stop asking me anything. I really need to discuss with you something."
"Now? Hmm..Can we talk later oppa? I'm hungry and Yennchan is waiting for me," I replied and pointed to where she was standing. She waved at us and Yunho waved back.
"It won't take us more than 5 minutes, I promise." Yunho said almost begging.
"Okay, What do you want?" I asked.

"Where were you yesterday? You were supposed to be back at the Jung's," he started.
"Me? No where. I was just busy with my assignments," I lied. The truth is that my adopted brother,Kyuhyun,asked me to accompany him to choose something to wear for his appearance at our local tv show. But I won't tell Yunho oppa that,or else he will start his babbling and free lecture thing, I thought.

"Owh..But you should called home," said Yunho with the unsatisfied tone.
"Mian oppa, I forgot and I was tired back then and fall asleep," I tried to convince him. "I promise I'll be back at the Jung's tonight."

"Okay.. Okay.. Make sure you fulfil your promise dongsaeng. I'll call mom now," he replied.
"I'll be there around 6-7pm."
"Sure.. See you tonight dongsaeng," he said while tapping my head like I'm still a kid. Argh! It's so embarrassing. After he left I went straight to join Yennchan. Food! Thats what I need, I thought.

-End of Soo Rim's POV-

Chapter 1, Part 2

Yennchan's POV

Argh!I lost again.How can I win and finish this thing?I complained.I was sitting and playing an online game alone using my laptop at the open area in the university.

Grr..Grr..I can heard a rumbling sound coming from my stomach.Not again.I complained.I looked at my watch.Oh God!Its almost 1pm,no wonder it rumbled.I better get going now,I thought,and packed all my belongings and went straight to the cafeteria.

It's my first as well as the other 1st year students studying in this horrible University of LSM.Its one of the most famous university here in S.Korea.I even heard that all the SM artists are studying here.Yehha!Super Junior!I hope that I can bump into Hankyung and ask for his autograph,I thought happily.Soo Rim and I are Hankyung's fans.Even her adopted brother is in that group,but she hasn't meet Hankyung so far.How lucky is that?I laughed.Talking about her,where is she?I need to tell her something,I asked myself.

As I entered the cafeteria,I just went straight to queue.Food!Here I come!I saw SooRim and offered her to join me.

"Soo Rim!Soo Rim!Over here!" I called her.But when she was about to join me Yunho stopped and talked to her.

-A few minutes later-
"What did he want?" I asked.
"Nothing.He was just asking why I was not coming home." Soo Rim replied.
"Don't say you went out with your Kyu oppa," I said excitedly.
"Yeah,you are right."
"What happened then?You guys went out to have a nice date?" I teased.
"Oh God!Yennchan!Don't ever think like that.We were NOT dating.We went out to find his clothes.He's my oppa by the way" she insisted.
"Correction.He's your ADOPTED oppa.You still have a chance though," I grinned and laughed at the same time.
"Ouch!Thats hurt!" I shrieked in pain as Soo Rim hit me at my head.
"You deserved it." she said laughing.
Its not fair,I thought.But I just let it be instead because I know that something will happen soon.

"So how was your day so far Yennchan?" Soo Rim asked after we had finished our food.
"Hmmmm~~~nothing interesting so far..I'm bored stuck at this damn uni. I haven't meet my Hankyung so far," I replied.
"YOUR Hankyung????? Hey,he's mine too!!!!" she protested.
"Yeah yeah I know. I'm just kidding. Don't take it seriously cousin," I laughed.
"You hah~~"
"Hey, I have something to tell you," I interupted. "I heard bout the sushi girls,they will be studying here too."
"WHAT THE HECK????? Are you sure?" Soo Rim asked.
"Yup yup. They will be here tomorrow. Thats what I heard though." I replied."But don't worry Soo Rim,it must be fun. We can take our revenge to those sushi girls."
"Its SOSHI not sushi." she insisted." But hey, a revenge??sounds cool and interesting."
"Yehha!!! We are the Kimchi Girls!!!" I said and the both of us laughed with the crazy idea of mine.

-End of Yennchan's POV-

Girls Degeneration's fanfic [characters]


Here are the characters of Girls Degeneration Fanfic~

Sue >> Jung Soo Rim
[18 years old. Yunho's dongsaeng & Kyuhyun's adopted dongsaeng. Being adopted by the Cho family when she's 8 years old due to some circumstances. She stays at the Cho's and went back to stay with her real family once or twice a week. Love Hankyung and she's 1 of his fans]
Yenn >> Jung Ha Byung, better known as Yennchan
[18 years old. SooRim & Yunho's cousin. A bestfriend of SooRim,they even named themselves as the 'Kimchi Girls'. Love Hankyung of SuJu. Like to prank people]
Hitori >> Han Ha-Neul [Hankyung's dongsaeng]
Liza >> Kim Hana [Heechul's dongsaeng]
Inez >> Park Hyo Hoon [Leeteuk's dongsaeng]
Zatul >> Park Seori [Leeteuk's dongsaeng]
Mathy >> Choi Eun Hae [Siwon's dongsaeng]

Supported by :

Abby >> Shin Joon Bin
Farra >> Han Ha Woo

The above characters are a fan of SUJU,DBSK and an anti of snsd. They all are studying at the University of LSM,along with the artists mentioned. Please be reminded that its just a story.NO OFFENCE. And if there is/are grammatical error, I'm sorry.

Co-star :


Have fun reading it~
I will try to update it when I post their parts